DiPeso Realty

Application screening criteria

A rental application must be signed and processed on all prospective occupants 18 years of age or older. A non refundable application fee must be paid for each application leasing 30 days or more. All prospective occupants will be qualified on the following criteria. 

Equal opportunity housing: Brokerage does not and will not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Income/Employment: Gross monthly income must be three times the amount of the monthly rent. Occupants income may be combined to meet the requirement. If employment income does not meet the criteria, documentation of other supplemental income must be provided. Employment must be current and verifiable fo a minimum of six months.

Residency: Rental history will be verified for each applicant.

  • Must have a minimum of one year verifiable rental/residency history and/or 1 years employment.

  • No more than two late payments in a 12 month period.

  • No more than one NSF in a 12 month period.

  • No non-compliance issues that resulted in non-renewal or eviction.

Credit: A credit report will be processed on each applicant to include reports on credit, criminal and rental history.

Criminal: Not only must applicant have acceptable credit history, additionally, all applications must meet our criminal history criteria. Applicants that are registered sex offenders will be denied. Applicants must have no felony convictions less than 10 years old that involve violent crimes against persons or property, including but not limited to murder, arson, kidnapping, assault, bomb related offenses, robbery or burglary, terrorism or that involve the manufacturing or distribution of drugs in any manner. All other felony convictions must be more than 5 years old. Convictions of any drug related offenses involving possession only, or alcohol related offenses where no one was permanently injured or killed, must be at least 2 years old. Successful completion of any felony sentence at least 2 years ago and no new criminal activity for at least 2 years before this application is also required. No applicant with any outstanding warrants or crime that is awaiting trial will be accepted.

If the applicant would like management to review additional information regarding the felony conviction or the current arrest or warrant as part of their rental applications, the applicant is permitted to submit that information to management along with their application and management will review that information on case by case basis.

Pet Qualifications: For the purpose of liability limitation and insurability, DiPeso Realty adheres to a list of restricted animals and restricted dog breeds. Check with the office for this list.

All pet must be approved in writing and added to the lease. the landlord may require tenant to have an additional liability policy naming the property owner as additionally insured. Pet deposits will apply/

Tenants shall ensure that all pets are well behaved and shall not allow the pets to disturb any other residents or neighbors. Tenant to ensure the pet cause no damage to the property. Tenant will be responsible for any and all damages caused by the on the property or in the community and will indemnify and hold harmless owner/landlord/management for, from and against any and all claims arising because of the pets. Tenant agrees that the pets will be licensed in accordance with applicable government provisions. Owner/landlord/management reserve the right to require tenant to immediately remove the pets at any time upon any violation of the tenant of these rules.

Assistive or service animals: Fill out a Verification of Disability from Medical Provider form. No deposit required. Need to care for, pick up after and control your animal. Animal does not disturb or harm anyone and not cause any damage

Outdoor furniture restrictions: No trampolines or above ground pools.

Applicants will be denied for the following reasons:

  • Prior or pending eviction

  • Foreclosures within the past three years with unresolved judgement

  • Monies owed and evictions to an apartment community or landlord in the last 5 years

  • Bankruptcy in the last six months or pending bankruptcy. Bankruptcies must also be discharged.

  • Registered sex offenders will automatically be denied

  • Falsifying information on application

Application/Earnest Deposits: This deposit is not a security deposit. However, it will be credited toward the required security deposit when the lease contract has been signed by all parties. It will be retained by us as liquidated damages if you fail to sign or attempt to withdraw from signing a lease contract.

Security Deposit: A security deposit is given to assure payment or performance under the lease agreement.